So everyone has a different way of looking at life. How one person would behave in a particular occasion would mostly be different from the person next to you.

Celebrating this very idea, over the course of the next two weeks, our posts would reflect people and their perspectives on life.

As always,



Understand. And love.

We’re here. And we care.


“Amidst a population whose demand for morals and common sense transcend the thirst for adventure, I have to pat myself on the back to have had absolutely no regrets with what I have been through so far in the past 18 years of my young life.

As a preschool kid, I’ve been in the good books of the teachers, having been categorized to be a smart kid since I was 3. I learnt the Alphabet and the Numbers with relative ease. I was agile and brave, according to my teacher. To be honest, the only thing I remember about preschool is sitting on her lap and playing minesweeper, Pacman and pinball on her desktop. I was partially dyslexic: I wrote an inverted S, N, and sometimes confused F for E, V for U, M for W, among others. Over the years, I learnt the common man’s way to write but I still write an inverted N while writing a H-  but, it doesn’t matter.

I am from a mediocre Bengali family who has had their tough times through debts, having to swap homes for survival. This has honestly made me tough, but to really strengthen myself, I needed to grow up. I was too young back then.

Time passed and I grew up with losses and wins, both physically as well as mentally. As my days in my hometown are numbered, I think I’m succumbing to my emotions that do not want me gone from this city. My batch mates have excelled in their endeavours and so have I, considering my only enterprise was to have fun in everything I did. I seldom did something I did not like. I ran away from school numerous times sometimes in a friend’s car-boot. I smoke weed pretty often and I do not regret having started it so early. I smoke, I drink. I do not party or go clubbing, but rather spend my time away from semi-naked people dancing until they regurgitate the booze. I love wandering around, sometimes sober… but mostly stoned or drunk.

This was all about me and what I do. Now, it is more about what I think, what my perspective holds true for me.

Life in general produces some moments of utter remorse. Your loved ones pass away, you lose your favourite “something”, heartbreaks, ailments, among numerous other issues. Life, too gives us some equally blissful times. For instance, a new love, a new undertaking, a new milestone, etc. Everything holds true the dynamic equilibrium of positivity and negativity. Every loss is a gain in experience and every gain is a base to exploit and overpower the limitations to reach new milestones and unlock new levels. On a personal note, I believe the only way to achieve it is first finding satisfaction and then using it to ones desire unleashing the potential of one’s physical self. Believe in quotations, civilize the mind but savage the body, live in the moment, test yourself, take risks. That’s how I learnt what are the things I’m good at.

Let me list my ideals of looking forward and remembering to rewind:

(Adages, Quotes, Phrases)

A: Appreciate whatever you have.

B: Be Positive.

C: Carpe Diem.

D: Dance like the floor is on fire.

E: Everything happens for a reason.

F: “For man is a giddy thing, and this is my conclusion”

G: Greet those you despise with more comfort than the ones you love.

H: “How soon is now?”

I: “If we sat in a circle and confessed our sins, we’d laugh at each other for the lack of originality.”

J: Just do it.

K: Kings and Pawns belong to the same chess set.

L: Live, don’t pretend to survive.

M: Make every moment count.

N: Never say Never.

O: “Out beyond the ideas of right and wrong doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. When our soul lies on that grass, the world would be too full to talk about; ideas, language, even the phrase each other would not make sense.”

P: “Put my head under a pillow and let the quiet put things where they are supposed to.”

Q: Quantize your emotions.

R: Record all your memories.

S: Stars cannot shine without Darkness.

T: Treat obstacles like adversities.

U: Unicorns are real, they just look different in reality.

V: “Vicariously, I watch while the whole world die.”

W: “We accept the love we think we deserve.”

X: “X-Men are a metaphor of acceptance; they have sworn to protect a world that fears and hates them.”

Y: “Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable.”

Z: Zzzzz…”


– Anonymous.


Author: Aitijya Sarkar

You know that bright little star next to the moon? The one you've never really noticed for some reason. That's me.

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