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We all need someone’s help in our day to day life. No matter how much we deny it we will at some point find ourselves in situations where we will have no choice but to ask the stranger standing next to us for help. I want to share two stories that symbolise the famous English expression “Tit for Tat” which means blow for blow. Interestingly, for me, this was karma acting in a good way.

Story 1 – I was studying for my “Advanced English” exam one hot and sultry day. I slept late and woke up at the eleventh hour. I rushed my morning routine and reached the society gate two minutes prior to my exam time. It was 9:58 A.M. by my watch. Reaching class by foot wasn’t an option as it would take me another good 10-12 minutes so I panicked and wagged my head like a dog wags its tail to find an auto-rickshaw. As luck would have it my day started bad and continued to be so. I was sure I wouldn’t reach college in time.

I was crestfallen and cursing my fate when, out of nowhere, a man riding a bike shows up and asks me where I want to go. He must have figured from a distance that I needed help. I told him the direction and hopped on his bike. We talked and I answered a few questions he had about my name, college and address after which I thanked him three times before getting down and going to class. I was only four minutes late and wrote a good paper. This is an example where I was the one in need of help and someone did good by me. Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to do the same for someone in return one day.

Story 2-Two months after the first incident I was touring the city on my bike when a bus stopped nearby on my route. I saw a man possibly in his late twenties get down from that bus waving his hands in the air calling for help. He was pale with anxiety and something inside told me I should see if I can help him out in any way.

I approached him and inquired whether he was okay. He replied that he was looking for the bus stop.

He was a Sales representative for a medical company. At the moment, he needed to catch a bus from the city to Indore but didn’t know how to. The good Samaritan inside me itched to help him. I asked him to sit behind me and I took off for the bus stop that would take him to Indore. Unfortunately, the bus had left two minutes before we reached. Asking around, we found out the driver’s number and called him up. He told us that his next stop would be 5 kilometres away and he was willing to wait for a few moments. I felt it was futile to continue and thought about dropping him off there but my conscience wouldn’t let that happen.

I drove faster than I ever had. I guess the idea of failing egged me to go on and we reached when the bus was just about to leave. He thanked me and I said goodbye. His smile before he boarded the bus made me feel warm. Memories of the first incident came to my mind and I felt elated. I felt as if I had paid my debt.

Concluding, these were two wonderful stories of my life which I hope will inspire the readers. Keep helping and be there for those in need as you might never know when you might need it too. As karma says, one eventually gets back what they do for people. Tit for Tat indeed!


-Prashant Gupta


Author: Aitijya Sarkar

You know that bright little star next to the moon? The one you've never really noticed for some reason. That's me.

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