The Final Goodbye. Or Maybe Not.

To new and better beginnings.


Alright guys. This will be my last post here. Over the last year, you’ve read about 40 contributions of people from various walks of life.

You’ve been with me all throughout the way. Right from when I went on my three-month sobriety pact to today – When I am taking the idea that started here to a fully functional website.

I am going to keep this short because –

A) Goodbyes aren’t meant to be too long.

B) I don’t want you to get bored.

So, the website is striving to create a place that’s for and by the lonely.

Loneliness is an entirely toxic feeling and no one should have to go through what I went through.

The idea is to create a Safe-Haven for the lonely of the world. A place where they can be themselves without any judgment or inhibitions.

The website allows a person to do three things –

1) Share their story so that somewhere someone can know that they are not alone.

2) Start a discussion thread about whatever is bothering them in The Safe- Haven and we will invite our community to reach out and help that person.

3) Talk to back-end listeners who would listen to them without any inhibition or judgment.


Also, for the chat, you don’t even have to sign up.

I hope all of you will drop by there sometime and wish me luck.

Take care. Stay strong, hale and hearty and never ever compromise on your ideals.

Always remember – We’re here. We care. And we listen.



– Aitijya Sarkar


A gesture of appreciation.

So, if you’ve been following the blog for some time now, you’ll know that this month the number of posts has been considerably low.

There are two reasons for that. This month started out really well and I’ve honestly never been happier. The Wall was doing good and my drinking was under control and everything seemed fine. I did have a couple of bad nights here and there but then again I wasn’t really alone at night so I could manage.

I’ve also been having this recurrent dream in which someone I care about dies which kind of convinced me something bad was going to happen and soon.

Oh and for the record I entered The Wall in this startup competition. We’ll see how that works out.

Now something did happen. And I feel like it’s changed me. I can in no way share what it is because honestly it’s not just my story but I’ll ask every reader to think about this.

“There is a rope. Two massive egos are pulling the rope from both ends. A tiny pin is very delicately balanced in the middle.”

Secondly, I have run out of stories. So in order to keep this site up and running we need contributions. I have just one now. It’s this beautiful poem that was sent in. After that, we have nothing.

I’ve realized that most of the contributions are about dealing with pain, grief and loss. I get that they are really dark but that’s fine. I understand. The fact that someone actually wanted to open up and share such an important part of themselves with us makes me very happy. But, memories work too. Happiness is an emotion too. To oversimplify The Wall has slowly become about humans, us and emotions.

So if anyone wishes to contribute please do email us at- Because right now I have no other posts to post.

Why the Title though?

Because since we started, we’ve received such wonderful comments. People who’ve believed in us. People who’ve given such wonderful insights. Every little conversation has made me so so happy.

From now on, we’ll be posting some of these. The ones that touched us so much. Please do visit them. And check them out. 🙂

Take care and have a great day.

  1. On Metamorphosis– “This is one of the most inspiring things I’ve read in a while. I’m all too familiar with the vicious cycle of eating-namecalling-depression-binging. And this seriously makes me want to finally get up of my arse and take charge of my life. Thank you, stay motivated.” by timetraveller_00.
  2. On I am so proud of you Maa– “I also lost my mother at 23 yrs old. I felt it was unfair that she was taken away from me. I still feel that way but she is always with me. It was a life changing event in 1968 that I will never forget.” by Eugenia.
  3. On Rum and Coke

“Dear Aitijya,

Thank you for sharing your story .

No you are not an alcoholic. I have always believed excess drinking is like an illness which the person ( one who is addicted to alcohol) has no control over .

The fact that you write about it and that you know exactly how much is good or bad tells me you are doing fine.

You are so young and have whole life ahead of you. This blog is such a great idea. I am sure when the readership increases this will help so many people.

You clearly are a kind hearted beautiful person. and once again, NO you are not an alcoholic.

The least I can do is give you one of my biggest smiles. :-)  Hope it brings a smile to your face too.” by Pia from Truly Happy.